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EJ Sobretodo brings ANGAS to ANGKAS

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

EJ Sobretodo Racing For Angkas

The trusty and reliable ride-hailing app that we all know of as Angkas is no longer just picking up passengers in the busy streets of urban cities, but also trophies and medals in the race track! You read that right, Angkas is now taking part in motorsports- not only as sponsors but also as a competitor.

After teasing motorsports fans with some signages and posters found in Clark International Speedway, it's been confirmed that Angkas has its team of racers and they’ve been dominating the track. One of the racers that proudly represents Angkas is Eane Jay Sobretodo. He was recommended by his fellow Angkas Racer, TJ Alberto, who also races for Ducati. Once Angkas knew they needed racers, they quickly scouted for talented individuals within their reach, and luckily for them, one of their riders has a son who is experienced in Motorsports racing. Even though his father works as an Angkas rider for the company, he is now more focused in managing his son's career in racing.

Race Bike in the Angkas Garage

It was a huge surprise to EJ that he was offered to represent Angkas in motorcycle racing since it's a well-known company. This made him anxious at first, but he is thankful and excited that he was given the chance to prove himself out on the track. He said that getting to represent Angkas in the sport is no joke to him because it’s the biggest opportunity he had in his racing career.

Representing a company as big as Angkas got him thrilled since he is faced with the tension of proving and improving himself further while garnering good results in his races. He stated that he is happy and thankful of how his superiors support him without actually pressuring him as they want him to take it step by step and not suddenly since he is new to some of the categories that he signed up on like Gr2 on the Pirelli Cup series.

"Masasabi ko lang talaga ay masaya ako na nakuha ako ni Angkas." (All I can say is that I'm happy that I was chosen by Angkas.) Eane Jaye Sobretodo, Ambasador and Racer of Angkas 2022

Racing for Angkas is definitely a tough journey filled with ups and downs for EJ. He excitedly shared one of the biggest trials he had during his first race in Clark. He was at a disadvantage since his opponents were riding open CC bikes while he was riding a stock motorcycle. He admitted that this made him too aggressive as he tried to catch up to them. This led to a crash during the last lap resulting in a total wreck of his motorcycle. Fortunately, he didn't suffer any major injuries and he is healthy enough to continue racing for Angkas. He learned a lot from this accident which made him a better rider than before. He was glad that he is now getting along well with his bike as he continues to study it better.

EJ is currently fighting for the overall championship for different series, including Pirelli Cup and Angkas Dream Cup and now they're more focused than ever. They've been staying at Clark, Pampanga since Wednesday to fully prepare for his upcoming races this weekend. He said that he's really aiming for that overall champion title because he wants to give it as a gift to his very supporting boss and teammates.

"Masaya ako na 'eto may pinaglalaban ako, hindi lang para sa akin, kumbaga para na rin sa team ko." ( I'm happy that I have something to fight for, not only for myself but for my team.) Eane Jaye Sobretodo, Ambasador and Racer of Angkas 2022

2022 is Angkas’ first year in motorsports and they’ve shown just how competitive they are no matter the bike, the track, or the series. Angkas has also put up their own racing series called the Angkas Dream Cup which features affordable underbones, making motorcycle racing more accessible.

Angkas' Kawasaki Ninja 400 Mechanics Preparing EJ Sobretodo's Bike

Angkas has elaborated that the Angkas Dream Cup is a way for them to find riders to support all the way up to international races, made possible through their partnership with Ducati. The Angkas Dream Cup is a motorcycle racing series that anyone who has the talent for riding can participate in.

If you’re a motorcycle rider who thinks they have the talent for racing, shoot your shot at Angkas. You might just be the next EJ Sobretodo.

Angkas, Tara na!


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